International Conference

Age and Self-restraint

September 18 - 20, 2014


Public Lectures

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konferenz september 2

This international and interdisciplinary conference organised by the China Centre in conjunction with the History Department at Kiel University aims to bring together the two disparate views of ageing; one focusing only on the weaknesses of getting old and the other on the positive potential of active ageing. A more nuanced view of old age is needed, focusing on the concept of "self restraint", which combines ideas such as abstinence, asceticism, self-denial and frugality, but also self-cultivation and self-education. Our international guest experts, from the fields of gerontology, humanistic research on ageing and cultural studies, will connect historical and current perspectives on ageing and self-denial through scientific approaches. Given its anthropological focus, the conference is held in conjunction with the Institute for Historical Anthropology.