A visit to Zhejiang University's School of Humanities

Prof. Dr. Angelika C. Messner, head of Kiel University's China Centre visits the School of Humanities at Zhejiang University.

Invited by Zhejiang University's School of Humanities, Prof. Dr. Angelika C. Messner, head of Kiel University's China Centre visited the Zijingang-Campus on June 5, 2014. As part of a symposium headed by the vice dean of the School of Humanities, cultural anthropologist Prof. Ruan Yunxing, topics for academic cooperation between Kiel and Hangzhou were explored and academic exchanges further consolidated. Also participating in the symposium were Associate Professor Liu Zhijun (Sociology) and Dong Shaochun (Sociology), Deputy Head of the Institute of German Studies Prof. Li Yuan (German Studies), Dr. Zhou Yunhong (Ethnology), School of Management Zhejiang University, the Secretary General Dr. Ren Zhiqiang (Anthropology) of the College of Public Administration Zhejiang University (Research Centre for the Study of Local Governments and Social Order), as well as Zhang Nan, doctoral candidate at Zhejiang University's School of Humanities.

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Philosophical Dialogue 西溪哲学对话

The 21st philosophical dialogue was held at Zhejiang University's Xixi Campus (西溪哲学对话地49—50次活动) on September 26, 2013. Prof. Dr. Angelika Messner, head of the CAU's China Centre spoke on: "Science Studies: Five Hard Questions" (科学研究:五个难题).

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A detailed report can be found here 西溪哲学对话