New Programme of Zhejiang Province (P.R. of China) scholarships for Schleswig-Holstein, 2014/15

A total of 5 scholarships are available for one and two semester stays at selected Universities and programmes in Zhejiang province.

 The current programme :

Short-stay grants Taiwan 2014

(Taiwan Summer Institute Programme)

Zhejiang University in Hangzhou has been a partner university for the CAU since 1986. You can apply for the following scholarship programmes.


Scholarship programme of the partner province Zhejiang (P.R. of China) for Schleswig-Holstein

China Scholarship Programme of the German National Academic Foundation and the Alfred Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation:

The programme offers students of all subjects with a special interest in the People's Republic of China a solid foundation in the Chinese language and society, as well as an overview of university and research there.