15.06.2021 (Vortrag): chinnotopia: "D(AI)chotomy of Tech Leadership"

Am Dienstag, den 15.06.2021 von 16:00 bis 18:00 Uhr geht es weiter mit der Online Feature Reihe "chinnotopia - Future designed by China":


Download: chinnotopia_2021-06-15

Artificial intelligence is a new focus of international competition. China prospects to be a world leader in AI. Yet, the situation regarding national security and international competition is becoming more complicated. Time to unpack different perspectives on what scientific and technological leadership means and to discuss China’s current AI development and capabilities in comparison with other leading nations.

Keynote: Jeffrey Ding

PhD Candidate in international relations at the University of Oxford.

Mao Yishu, a pre-doctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, will give a Vision Talk based on her analysis of the broad online discussions and she will shed some light on the future trajectory of AI development in China. In addition, Nancy Wilms PhD and Dr. Josie-Marie Perkuhn will deliver contributions to the discussion.