Chinese Online Course (English)

The Chinese 2 as well as Chinese 3 Online Learning Courses (5 ECTS) have been created especially for ERASMUS Students at Kiel University.

Though a series of online lectures, participants, who have already absolved Chinese 1 respectively Chinese 2, will receive the necessary guidance to stucture their learning process independently. The course is only offered online.

In order to succesfully enroll in this course, please contact and send us your name and matriculation number. You will then receive your user credentials and password. It is also mandatory to attend the semester information at the China Centre at the beginning of each semester - for date and time, please consult the website of the China Centre:

During the semester a test has to be passed and at the end of the semester, students have to attend an exam for which more specifications are given in the introductory meeting at the China Centre.

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Chinese 2 Online Learning Course

Chinese 3 Online Learning Course