Lectures and Presentations

Lectures and Presentations (pdf)

2019.   Invited  Lecture and Discussant at  the  “International  Summer  School  for  the Promotion of Health and Wellbeing”, Rome. September 21-28.

2019.   Invited Lecture “Wie wird man 100 Jahre alt”,Symposium zu Komplementären Sichtweisen und “bio-psychosozialer Gesundheit”,Solothurn, Switzerland. October 4-5.

2019.   “Anxiety  Culture-Project”Workshop,  Kiel  University,  Gut Siggen,  Germany. May 25-29.

2019.   Inivited Public Lecture “Emotions in Medical History and Why and How they Matter”.Hong Kong Baptist University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of History.Hongkong, P.R. China. March 6.

2019.   Keynote: “IASTAM Award Function 2019 and Conclave on Cancer Care & Re-search in AYUSH: Developing a Roadmap”.Cochi,Kerala, Indien. February 14.

2019.   Invited  Lecture – Units  for  The  Winter  Academy –Global  Youth  Leadership Academy. Building on Youth Talent: Fostering Social Innovation: “Sustainable Lifestyles: How and Why”.International Training Center, Torino, Italy. January 23.

2018.   “Zirkulierende Leidenschaften. Ein Beitrag zur Wissens-und Sozialgeschichte Chinas”XXIX. Jahrestagung Deutsche Vereinigung für Chinastudien e.V. Ber-lin, Germany. November 30–December 2.

2018.   Invited  Lecture. “Emotions  in  Medical  History:  Why  and  How  they  Matter”. Nanyang Technological University.Singapore. October 11.

2018.   Invited Lecture.“Emotions in Chinese Medical History”.National University of Singapore.Chinese Studies Department.Singapore. October 9.

2018.   Invited Lecture Seriesat Zhejiang University, School of Humanities.Hangzhou, P.R. China. September6–October 8.

2018.   Invited Lecture. “The transformative power of emotions”, Translating Vitalities, Liznan, Kroatia. June 28.

2018.   Keynote “Kultur-und  Traditionsabhängigkeit  von  Diagnose  und  Therapie”, Kongress of Integrated Medicine, Kos, Greece. May 3.

2017.   Invited Lecture at the International Conference “Fluid Matter(s). A cross-cultural examination of bodily fluids and drugs that act upon them”.Australian National University. Canberra, Australia. December 15-17.

2017.   Invited Lecture at the World Health Summit (WHS), Panel “Ancient Cultures, Migration & Health”.Berlin, Germany. October 16.

2017.   Chair of the Panel “Mental Health/Neurology/Parkinson: Treating Emotion re-lated  Disorders”at  ICTAM  IX  (International  Congresson  Traditional  Asian Medicine).Kiel, Germany. August 9.

2017.   Discussant at the Panel “Visual Perspectives on Asian Medicines”at ICTAM IX (International Congresson Traditional Asian Medicine).Kiel, Germany. August 8.

2017.   Invited Lecture “Social Threats, Pain and Suffereing in Chinese Past and Pre-sent” at the International Conference “The Perception of Social Threats and Crisis in Public Life and Education”.Gut Siggen, Germany. July 16-18.

2017.   Invited  Lecture at  the “Forschungskolloqium”(Research  Colloqium)  in  the Realm  of  the  Anxiety  Culture  Research  Project,  Romanisches  Seminar,  Kiel University.Kiel, Germany. June 13.

2017.   Invited  Lecture “Demographischer  Wandel  und  Altern  in  China”.  Schleswig-Holsteinische Universitäts-Gesellschaft, Rathaus Altenholz-Stift.April 12.

2017.   Invited Lecture and acting Chair at the “Material Cultures of Knowledge”Con-ference, ACADEMIA SINICA, Taibei. February 13-14.

2016.   Invited Lecture at the Chinesisch-Deutsches Hochschulkolleg 中德学院, Tongji University Shanghai, “Altern und Alternde im gegenwärtigen China”.Shanghai, P.R. China. October 24.

2016.   Invited Lecture Seriesat Shanghai University for Chinese Medicine 上海中医药大学.Shanghai, P.R. China. October 2016.

2016.   Invited  Lecture.  IAMP  (Interacademy  Medical  Panel  for  Health  Conference “Promoting  Health”at  the  Academy  of  Science,  Beijing  Sept.  27-29. “Re-Ex-ploring Traditional Medicine”. Beijing, P.R. China. September 28.

2016.   Invited Panelistat the EACS (European Association of Chinese Studies),St. Petersburg,  Russia. August  23-28 “Social  Embeddedness  of  Data  Collection  and its challenges, and  ethical integrity”with the Paper “Research among Chinese elderly in urban contexts”. St. Petersburg, Russia. August 24.

2016.   Lecture “China”ZAAS-Lecture Series (Ringvorlesung) at Kiel University.Kiel, Germany. June 1.

2016.   Invited Lecture. Zhejiang University, “Research in Chinese Medical Environments”.   Hangzhou, P.R. China, May 12.

2016.  Invited Discussant. “Sacred Cures: Situating Medicine and Religion in Asia”. At the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin. May 2-4, 2016.

2016.   Invited Lecture.  „Medical Anthropology in Chinese Ambulances.“ Muthesius-Kunsthochschule, Kiel.  

2016.   Invited Lecture. “Demographischer Wandel in der VR China.“ Forschungstag,  Radbruch Netzwerk. CAU Kiel.

2015.   Invited Lecture. The issue of practice and radical ethics of the childlike heart in Late Ming times. International Symposium on „Cultural Diversity: Society and Religion in Late Ming and Early Qing China“, Singapore, National University of Singapore,  December 28-29.

2015.    Invited Lecture. "Wer pflegt die Silberhaarigen: Einblicke in medikale Räume des 21. Jahrhunderts“.TU-Berlin, China Center- Symposium: „Das alternde China“. December 11.

2015.   Invited Lecture. “Im Zweifel immer der Wandel als Haltung". Fünfter Ethiknachmittag „Zweifel und Gewissheit in der Medizin“ am Klinikum Rechts der Isar, November 27.

2015.     Invited Lecture-Series. “Preliminary Research Results on Ageing in Chinese Contexts.” Zhejiang University, P.R. China, September 22- October 4.

2015.     Invited Lecture. “The Logic of the Concrete in Chinese Emotion practices,” at XXI. World Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions. Erfurt, Germany, August 23-29.

2015.     Invited Lecture. „Changing Chinese medical paradigms inside China,“ at 14th ICHSEA (International Conference of the History of Science). Paris, France, July 6-10.

2015.     Invited Lecture: “Alter und soziale Sicherheit in China.” Öffentliche Vortragsreihe, Aula der Neuen Universität, Heidelberg University, Germany, June 3.

2015.     Invited Lecture: “The transforming Self in Contemporary China” at AAS Annual Conference, Chicago, USA, March 27th

2014.     Invited Lecture Series: “Emotion Knowledge in Chinese Medicine from Antiquity to the Early 20th Century.” East Medicine Summer School, University of Westminster, London, Great Britain, July 14-25.

2014.     Invited Lecture: „Translational Medicine and Chinese Medicine.” 3rd Zhangjiang International Forum on Traditional Chinese Medicine.. Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, P.R. China, May 27-29.

2014.     Inivited Lecture: “Befindlichkeiten alter Menschen im heutigen China.”, Kulturen des Alter(n)s. 1. Kongress Kulturwissenschaftlicher Altersforschung, Universität Zürich, Swiss, May 23-25.

2014.     Invited Lecture: “Chinesische Ligaturen im Alter.”, Techniken und Technologien für ein gelingendes Leben im Alter. Frühjahrstagung der Sektion Alter(n) und Gesellschaft der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie, April 4-5, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Hochschule für Soziale Arbeit, Olten, Swiss.  

2013.     Lecture Series at Zhejiang University, School of International Studies, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Hangzhou, P.R. China, September-October.

2013.     Lecture at ICTAM VIII "Beyond Integration: Reflections on Asian Medicines in the 21th Century." September 9-13, Sancheong, Gyeongsangnamdo, South Korea.

2013.     Invited Lecture: "On Trust" at the Third Sino-German Symposium in Qingdao, P.R. China 3-6 September 2013.

2013.     Presentation: “Concepts of and words for civility, virtues and emotions in China (1870ies to 1925)": University of Oslo, Norway, 20-22 June 2013.

2013.     Invited Lecture: "Towards a praxeological approach in emotion research". Histoire intellectuelle des émotions de l’Antiquité à nos joursVème rencontre EMMA, Columbia   University Global Center, Paris, France, May 23-25.

2013.     Invited Lecture: "Pain and Suffering in Chinese History". Center for East Asian Studies, Stanford University, USA, 4 April.

2013.     Presentation: Max Planck Institute for Human Development on "Concepts of and words for civility, virtues and emotions in China (1870ies to 1925)". International Conference on "Civility, Virtue and Emotions", Berlin, 21-23 February.

2012.     Invited lecture: "Trauma, Schmerz und Agency in der chinesischen Geschichte". [Trauma, Pain and Agency in Chinese historical contexts.]: Ringvorlesung "Trauma", Japanologie und Sinologie, Ostasiatisches Seminar, Universität Zürich, Swiss,  8 November.

2012.     Invited Lecture: "Pain and Suffering in Concrete Terms".  Department of East Asian Studies - Sinology. University of Vienna, Austria, 12-14 October.

2012.     Invited Lecture: "China und Europa: Eine Begegnungsgeschichte". Kunsthalle Lübeck, Germany, 30 August. 

2012.     "Concepts of and words for civility, virtues and emotions in China (1870ies to 1925)".  International Conference on "Civility, Virtue and Emotions", University of Oslo,         Norway, 13-15 June. 

2012.     Lecture series at the School of International Studies, Faculty of Arts and Humanities,  Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, VR China, May-June.

2012.     Invited Lecture: "Transformation der chinesischen Medizin seit dem frühen 20. Jh. mit Blick auf die aktuellen Entwicklungen der Public Health". TCM Kongress,      Rothenburg o.d.T., Germany, 17 May.

2012.     "Minderheiten zwischen Verstehen und Nichtverstehen: eine Verhältnisbestimmung". Einführungsvorlesung der Ringvorlesung des ZAAS (Zentrum für Asiatische und Afrikanische Studien), Kiel University, Germany, 17 April. 

2011.     Invited lecture: "Meanings of , 疼, 心痛,腰痛 and pain". Conference "Sigenet Health China Week, Towards Public Health - Developing the Agenda", Charité Berlin, Germany. 26 Oktober - 3 November. 

2011.     "Der epistemische Horizont im China des 17. Jahrhunderts". XXII DVCS Jahrestagung   "Kontinuität und Umbruch in Chinas Geschichte und Gegenwart", TU Berlin, Germany, 25-27 November.

2011.     Invited Lecture: "Civility, Virtue and Emotions in China". Conference "Civility, Virtue and Emotions" at Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, Germany. 5-7 October.

2011.     "Emotions and Emotion knowledge in Chinese History". CHEP 2011 Conference, The Cultural History of Emotions in Pre-Modernity II, Emotions East and West, Istanbul, Turkey, 29 September - 1 October.

2011.     Invited Lecture. "Approaching the Sacred in a Chinese historical setting."at the Workshop "Sacred and Pilgrimage", Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, 9-12 July.

2011.     "Lexicalized emotions as quasi-physiological terms". 3rd Villa Vigoni Research Conference at Villa Vigoni, Como, Italy. 25-28 May.

2011.     Lecture Series at the Zhejiang University (Faculty of International Studies), P.R.  China, February-March.

2011.     Invited Lecture: "Global Concepts? Keywords and Their Histories in Asia and Europe". Cluster "Asia and Europe", Advanced Transcultural Studies: Panel Discussions. Heidelberg University, Germany, 27 January.

2010.     Invited Lecture: "Shifting knowledge practices and storage devices in 16th and 17th  century technique-texts". Max-Planck-Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, Germany, 4  October.

2010.     Invited Lecture: "Contested 'Science' discourses on men in 19th century China". University of Rostock, 4th Symposium of the Graduate School "Cultural Encounters   and the Discourses of Scholarship", Rostock, Germany, 23-26 September.

2010.     "Reconstruction of the representation of Emotion, States of Mind and Imagery in  Imperial China". Discussion of Glossaries to Chen Shiduo's Hidden Record from the        Stone Chamber (Shishi Milu): emotional terms, specific medical terms, plants and mental states, alchemical terms related to mental states, cognition and psychologic  phenomena, Villa Vigoni Research Conference, Italy, 25 May.

2010.     Invited Lecture: "Emotions in Traditional Chinese Medicine and their relation to shen   ". Conference "Shen – Interculturality and Psychotherapy", University of  Vienna, Austria, 12 June.

2009.     "Shishi milu/石室秘錄/Bianzheng lu/ 辨証錄 and Chen Shiduo 陳士鐸, 1627-1707".  With R. Pfister at Villa Vigoni research conference "Reconstructing emotion knowledge in Late Imperial China", Como, Italy, 20-23 July. 

2009.     Organization and coordination of the Preliminary Meeting for the Villa Vigoni Research Conferences 2009-2011, in cooperation with Paolo Santangelo (La Sapienza, Rome). Preparatory Meeting at Free University Bozen, Bolzano, Italy, 27 and 28  May. Lecture "Why emotions? The relation of theory and practice and the relation of the social space and the body space in 17th century Chinese writings."

2009.     "Constituting medical identities in 17th century China", Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, Workshop "Status and Skills - The Portrayal of Individuals  in Chinese Historiography, 10th-18th Century", Berlin, Germany, 4 September.

2009.     Invited Lecture: "Humanismus in China" [Humanism in China]. Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut, Essen, Germany, 23 February. 

2009.     Invited Lecture: "Late Ming Early Qing innovative visions in corporeal design", University of Oxford, Faculty of Oriental Studies, Institute for Chinese Studies, Oxford, Great Britain,  4 February.

2009.     "New Perspectives on Late Imperial Medical Texts", XXIII International Congress of  History of Science and Technology, Panel "Sources of East Asian History of Science, Technology, and Medicine", Budapest, Hungary,  31 July.

2009.     "Sentimental Education in Scientific Terms", XXIII International Congress of History of Science and Technology, Panel S-57, Budapest, Hungary, 1 August.

2009.     XXIII International Congress of History of Science and Technology, Budapest, , http://www.conferences.hu/ichs09/Venue.htm; Organization and      coordination of the Panel S-57 Meanings of "Science" in Twentieth and Twenty-First  Century East Asia", with Bridie J. Andrews-Minehan, Budapest, Hungary, 28 July – 2 August.

2008.     Invited Lecture: "Reinheit" [Purity]. Institut für Historische Anthropologie,  International Conference on "Reinheit" [Puritiy], Wolfsburg, Essen, Germany,  11-14 September.

2008.     Invited Lecture: "Laughing and happiness in technical textbooks".  International Conference "Emotions behind Smile and Laughter: from facial                expression to literary descriptions". University of Bologna, Italy, 19-20 May.

2008.     Invited Lecture: "Impersonations of the Old to become New". Association for Asian Studies, Panel "Professionalization processes in Chinese history", Atlanta, USA, 3 April. 

2007.     Invited Lecture: "Factual Knowledge Transfer and The New Men-Utopia". Knowledge, Creativity and Transformation of Societies (KCTOS), Panel "Transcontinental Transfer of Literature and Arts to Transform Societies", Vienna, Austria, 6-9 December. 

2007.     "What non-verbal expressions reveal about emotions". International Conference on Concepts and Categories of Emotions in East Asia. University of Cremona, Italy, 25-27 May. 

2006.     "Negotiating Emotions". Università degli Studi di Lecce, International Conference on Concepts and Categories of Emotions in East Asia, Lecce, Italy, 27-28 May. 

2006.     Invited Lecture: "Implizites Wissen zu Lachen und Weinen im chinesischen Kontext"    [Implicit knowledge of laughing and weeping in Chinese history]. Stuttgart, Freiburg, Akademie der Diözese Rottenburg, Konferenz "Lachen und Weinen", Institut für Historische Anthropologie, Stuttgart-Hohenheim, Germany, 20-24 September. 

2005.     Invited Lecture. "'New men-utopia' and its semantics". HongKong, Department of Chinese, University of Hong Kong, P.R. China, 2 December.

2005.     "Der Roman in der späten Kaiserzeit" [The novel in late Imperial China]. Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Ringvorlesung "Die andere Bibliothek". 25 April. 

2005.     "Constituting Medical Identities in 17th century China". Deutsches Museum, 11th International Conference on the History of Science in East Asia 第十一居國際東亞科學史會議, München, Germany, 15-20 August.

2005.     Invited Lecture: "Anatomie und Emotionen als Gegenstände der Kognitiven     Anthropologie: Chinesische Ansichten" [Anatomy and emotions as objects of research       in cognitive anthropology: Chinese perspectives].,  Institut für Sinologie, Universität Göttingen, Germany, 25 January.

2004.     Invited Lecture: "Chinesische Medizin, von der Marginalität zum Politikum". Göttingen, Kulturzentrum Göttingen, Germany, 18 February. 

2004.     "Representing emotions and sensations in 17th century medical manuals". Venezia,   Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia, Dipartimento di Studi sull'Asia Orientale,  International Conference "Perception of Bodily Sensations and Emotions in South and East Asian Cultures". 27-28 May. 

2004.     "Heilige Berge und heilige Menschen im chinesischen Kontext" [Sacred places and sacred people in the Chinese context]. Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel,  Ringvorlesung "Heilige Orte in Asien". 12 July.

2003.     "Analysis of emotive lexicon: a database of passions for reconstructing the emotional  world in Chinese history". London, Centre of Chinese Studies, SOAS, University of  London. 20 November.

2003.     "Emotions within Chinese medical sources". Venezia, Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia, Dipartimento di Studi sull'Asia Orientale. 16 November.

2003.     Invited Lecture: "Towards a historical ethnography of 'Chinese Bodies' ". Napoli (Italy), L'Orientale: Istituto Universitario Orientale, Dipartimento di Studi Asiatici. 22  October. 

2003.     "Funktion und Geschichte 'der Liebe' in der sinologischen Forschungsgeschichte" [The function and history of "Love" in the history of sinological research]. Villa Vigoni  Second Summer School of the Young Academy "Emotionale Wende?" [Emotional Turn]. 28 July - 2 August.

2003.     "Desire, longing for love-passion and excessive happiness". Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza", International Conference "Passioni d’Oriente, Eros ed emozioni  nelle civiltà asiatiche. 29-31 May. 

2003.     "Body, Mind and Soul: Translingual Practices in 17th century China". Smolenice Castle  (Slovakia), International Conference "Fascination and Understanding. The Spirit of the Occident and the Spirit of China in Reciprocity". 21-25 February.

2002.     "On the Nature of Chinese Medical Understanding". Villa Vigoni, Lago di Como, Summer School of the YoungAcademy "Emotionale Wende?" [Emotional Turn]. 30  August - 9 September. 

2001.     "On Emotions within the Chinese Medical Discourse". Università di Roma, Cortona,     International Conference "Emotions and the Analysis of Historical Sources in China".   5-10 November.

2001.     Invited lecture: "Medizinische Explikationen von Wahnsinn im China der späten Kaiserzeit" [Medical explanations of madness in late Imperial China]. Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Institut für Geschichte der Medizin und Pharmazie. 21  June. 

2000.     Invited lecture: "Wer ist verrückt? Normalität im Kulturkonflikt" [Who is mad?  Normality in cultural conflicts]. Hamburg-Haus, Hamburg-Eimsbüttel.15 May. 

2000.     Invited lecture: "Emotions in Medical Discourse in Late Imperial China". Napoli (Italy), L’Orientale: Istituto Universitario Orientale, Dipartimento di Studi Asiatici. 29  February.

2000.     "Representations of Madness in Late Imperial China". University of Torino (Italy), XIII E.A.C.S. [European Association for Chinese Studies] Conference: The Spirit of  Metropolis. 30 August - 2 September. 

2000.     "Explanations and practices regarding Madness in Chinese Medical History". University of Southampton, Society for the Social History of Medicine (SSHM) –        Autumn Conference at the University of Southampton. 17-18 July. 

1999.     "On Translating Western Psychiatry into the Chinese Context in Republican China".  Göttingen, International Conference "Translating Western Knowledge into Late    Imperial China". 6-9 December.

1999.     "Die Grammatik der Emotionen im chinesischen medizinischen Diskurs" [The grammar of emotions within Chinese medical discourse]. Universität Göttingen, Institut für Ethnologie, Symposium "Verkörperte Gedanken: Emotionen im interdisziplinären Dialog". 3-5 December.

1999.     "Die Welt der chinesischen Zeichen". Kieler Stadtmuseum (Tsingtau exhibition in  collaboration with the Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin). 18 July. 

1999.     "Die traditionelle chinesische Lehre vom Qi als Grundlage von Gesundheit und Krankheit". Kieler Stadtmuseum (Tsingtau exhibition in collaboration with the      Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin). 30 June. 

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1996.     "Kind und Frau in den Mawangdui Texten" [Child and woman in Mawangdui texts]. Freie Universität Berlin, Institut für Sinologie, Symposium "Konzepte von Kindheit in China". 6 November. 

1995.     "Man and Psychiatry in China at the Turn of the Century". Universität Bonn,  International Conference "Melancholy and Society in China". 1-6 July. 

1994.     "Gab es im alten China hysterische Frauen?" [Were there hysterical women in ancient  China?]. Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Frauen-Hochschulwochen. 8  November.

1994.     "Chinese Traditional Medicine and Psychiatry". Tokyo, 4th International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicine. 18-21 August. 

1992.     "J.G. Kerr and the Introduction of the Mental Hospital in China at the Turn of the 19th Century". Beijing, 11th International Conference on History of Chinese Medicine. 19-22 August.