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Public Lectures

The information of all Public Lectures hold in Chinese Centre which are listed for your goodself perusal.


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Public Lecture: "Sustainable Science and Economic Cooperation in the 21st century. A perspective from Shanghai" (10.4.2019)


It is our pleasure to welcome Dr. Althauser, Consul General of the Federal Repbulic of Germany in Shanghai, to Chinese Centre in Kiel to give a lecture on the topic regarding "Sustainable Science and Economic Cooperation in the 21st century.  A perspective from Shanghai".

Vortrag 10.04.19   


Ring Lecture: Theoretical Curiosity to honour Hans Blumenberg (08.05 2019 - 10.07.2019)



We sincerely welcome to have a Ring Lecture about the topic on  "Theoretical curiosity in honor of Hans Blumenberg" from May 8 to July 10, 2019)


Ringvorlesung: Theoretische Neugierde 2019


Lecturers :Manfred sommer (Kiel), Anselm Haverkamp (New York/ München), Eva Geulen (Berlin), Petra Gehring (Darmstadt), ralf Konersmann (Kiel), Rüdiger Zill (Postdam) 

Public Lecture: Food Therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (15-16.05.2019)


It is our pleasure to welcome Prof. Dr. Lee Cheuk Yin, National University of Singapore (NUS)  to give lectures on the topic of Food Therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine on 15th and 16th May 2019 respectively.


Prof. Dr. Lee Cheuk Yin



Public Lecture: Medicines in China and in the World: What is the link to rural life-worlds and medical "experience" from a background of rural industries? 20.06.2019)


We sincerely welcome Dr. Lena Springer; Charité- Universitätsmedizin Berlin to give a Lecture on the topic of  Medicines in China and in the World. 



Dr. Springer



Performance at Kiel Opera: The Chinese Art Song - a first encounter (10.06.2019)


We sincerely welcome Mr. Changyong Liao,Baritone and Mr. Hartmut Höll, Piano to perform "The Chinese Art Song" based on poems from one thousand years from the time of the Tang Dynasty (617- 907) to the present day.



Download: Flyer + Liedtexte (pdf)



Kiel Week Lecture "History of Activism and History as Activism" (27.06.2019)

We have a pleasure to invite Prof. Dr. Catherine Kudlick (San Franciso State University, USA), as one of the founders of the research branch of the Disability History, will give a lecture on this topic of "History of Activism and History as Activism" on 27th June 2019.

The lecture is initiated by Prof. Dr. Angelika Messner and Raphael Rössel, Scientific Staff for supporting the action plan for the implementation of the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities in CAU Kiel (2015-2020) Aktionsplans zur Umsetzung der UN-Behindertenrechtskonvention an der CAU Kiel (pdf) 

Kudlick 1



Public Lecture: "Rudimentary Introduction to Manchu Language and its Alphabets" (02.07.2019)

It is our pleasure to invite Dr. Chang (Institue of Modern History academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan) to give a lecture about the Manchu language, the mother tongue of Manchu people and it had the status of an official language in Qing Dynasty.


dr. chang

Download: Public Lecture: Rudimentary Introduction to Manchu Language and its Alphabets (pdf)



Dr. Chang hält seine Präsentation

Dr. Changs T-Shirt hat einen Schriftzug in Mandschurisch


  • Lecturer : Dr. Che-Chia Chang, Institute of Modern History Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan


Lecture and block seminar: Robotopia Sinica: AI and Robotics in China (05.12.2019)


The lecture by Dr. phil. Tania Becker with the theme "Robotopia Sinicia: AI and Robotics in China" was very successful and exciting. With the numerous arrivals of interested parties and the discussions that have brought the topic forward controversially, the lecture was very invigorating and versatile.  We want to thank everyone who was there. A special thanks also goes to Prof. Dr. Sascha Klotzbücher, who brought about the successful discussions with his content. Last but not least, we would like to thank Dr. phil. Tania Becker, who gave us with her guest lecture in Kiel.







Download: Robotopia Sinica: KI und Robotik in China (pdf)

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